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Forging vs Extrusion: A Comparative Guide of Two Shaping Methods

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When you want to manufacture copper parts and components, there are multiple ways to achieve the same results. Forging and extrusion are 2 reliable methods. Here is a comparative guide illustrating the differences between forging copper and making custom copper extrusions. Forging When using a forge, you use massive amounts of compressive force to press a […]

Understanding Electrical Contact and Its Application

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Electrical contacts are ever-present in just about everything we use every day. If a piece of equipment, machinery, device or appliance runs on electrical current, there are several electrical contacts powering the current. Here is a brief tutorial of what electrical contacts are and what they’re used for. The Basics An electrical contact is the […]

An Introduction to Metal Extrusion

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What is Extrusion If you’re searching for a copper extrusion manufacturer or a copper extrusion supplier, you might be curious about what extrusion involves. At its core, metal extrusion is a process that’s specifically designed to create objects of a cross-sectional profile. During the process, some material is sent into a die of the choice […]

The History of Metal Extrusion

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Many of the shapes you see made out of metal get that way through a process called metal extrusion. The first extrusion process for pipe making was patented by Joseph Bramah in 1797. He made pipe out of soft metals forced through a die with the use of a hand-driven plunger. Bramah also invented the […]

All You Need to Know about Brazed Electrical Contacts


Examples of electrical contacts are breakers, relays switches, and electrical discharge machining applications. You use electrical contacts every day without even thinking about it. When you flip a switch, a light goes on or off, almost like magic. You know that electricity is flowing when the light comes on or you hear the refrigerator, furnace, […]

The Advantages of Using Gold-Plated Electrical Contacts

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Electrical contacts are essential electronic circuit components in any device that controls the flow of electricity. Primarily found in circuit breakers, relays, connectors, and switches, contacts open and close the electrical circuit running through the device. When contacts are connected, the circuit is “closed” and able to carry current. Conversely, when contacts are separated by […]

How Powder Metallurgy Contact Tips Beat Conventional Fabrication


When you have raw metals that you need turned into usable pieces, you have a few fabrication options. There are a lot of conventional techniques that get the job done. For instance, you may have your finished good machined from semi-finished casing products. However, these days, powder metallurgy applications are far more efficient for a […]

Copper versus Aluminum Electrical Contacts: A Comparison

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The differences between copper and aluminum contacts is probably not a topic at a dinner party, well, anywhere. It is, however, foremost on the minds of those who build electrical equipment, appliances, machinery and systems or if the person in question is an aluminum and copper extrusion supplier. To those people, the differences are critical […]

Expert Tips to Increase the Life of Your Switchgear Contacts

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Your electric power system puts up with a lot of stress. If you’ve had the same system in your building for a while, then it’s important for you to routinely examine it and maintain it as necessary. Otherwise, you could end up having to replace part or all of the system, which is not only […]

An Overview of Copper Extrusions

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The copper extrusion process combines several phases to produce a high quality, customized, precision-oriented extrusions using state of the art machinery. From alloy selection through final reduction the process only works if it’s governed by the strictest quality control procedures available. Here’s an overview of the process. In-House Copper Bar Mill The extrusion process begins […]

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