How Powder Metallurgy Contact Tips Beat Conventional Fabrication

Powder Metallurgy Contact Tips Beat Conventional Fabrication
When you have raw metals that you need turned into usable pieces, you have a few fabrication options. There are a lot of conventional techniques that get the job done. For instance, you may have your finished good machined from semi-finished casing products. However, these days, powder metallurgy applications are far more efficient for a variety of reasons, and they can help save your company money while getting the best possible products. Here are just a few reasons why powder metallurgy contact tips are more beneficial than the alternatives.


Since powder metallurgy manufacturers have a higher degree of accuracy than manufacturers of most other forms of fabrication, that means you can get repeatable results when you need products of the same size and dimension. When it comes to small components like contact tips, it’s especially important that everything is just the right shape and size. It’s also a factor to consider if you have any special requirements needed to make them most effective. For instance, you might need to change the porosity of the metal or alter it so that it has a lower melting point in order for your contact tips to perform well as they’re intended.

Material Expense

Powder metallurgy materials are often cheaper to buy than semi-finished materials. That means you’re starting off at a lower base price for purchasing powder metallurgy contact tips than when purchasing other types. This is because you can find raw materials more easily and because less work went into preparing them.

Production Expense

Because of the process accuracy, it’s easier to mass produce contact tips with powder metallurgy applications. That means that you can buy them in bulk, which often gets you company discounts. The production also process produces very little waste, which means you’re not spending on extras, and it’s a more sustainable option.

Overall, powder metallurgy contact tips provide heightened performance at a lower bottom dollar cost, which is music to the ears of manufacturers everywhere.


  1. pedro a rios jr

    powder metallurgy is the better choice for parts in general. You get less waist compared to machined or casted metals . i have been in powder metals and specialty alloys for 38 years.

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