An Overview of Copper Extrusions

Copper Extrusions

The copper extrusion process combines several phases to produce a high quality, customized, precision-oriented extrusions using state of the art machinery. From alloy selection through final reduction the process only works if it’s governed by the strictest quality control procedures available. Here’s an overview of the process.

In-House Copper Bar Mill

The extrusion process begins with billets produced in an controlled environment then cut to a precise size. The billet then goes into a high-speed induction billet heater. Once heated to temperature, the billet is placed into a 900-ton Loewy hydraulic extrusion press with a shuttle press capable of automatic bar pointing. Coming out of the press, the billet goes into an in-line cooling system to reduce copper oxide formation during the extrusion process. The next step is a 45-foot cold draw bench which allows for straightening and reduction of the extruded bar to their final sizes with precise hardness. The final steps are cleaning and packaging the bars for final delivery.

Guaranteed Quality and Production Control

Every chemical composition used is first assessed in the laboratory. If it doesn’t meet quality thresholds, it is rejected. This process makes sure the desired alloy composition is present before anything is extracted and because standard quality thresholds are high, it’s almost guaranteed that the client’s expectations will always be exceeded.

There’s also a check system utilized in the manufacturing process. This entails a physical and chemical check of every component. Finally, a Certificate of Compliance is available with every shipment, or if requested, that guarantees the quality standards of the materials used, alloy mixes and the final product. Additionally, full metal testing is available upon request.

Hands-On Logistics

To ensure that every job meets customer expectations in terms of cost and delivery, a computerized monitoring system allows for monitoring of scheduling, production cycle, overall and per unit costs and quality assurance check results. This ensures that every job is completed on time, on budget, and possesses the quality clients expect.

Custom Designs

Depending on a client’s need, this process can produce full bar lengths, cut to precision lengths or fully machined pieces ready for an assembly process.

Specific shapes that can be fabricated include various angles, rectangular, round, square and hex bars as well as half rounds while guaranteeing quality and production consistency. Because it’s highly customizable, every client leaves satisfied with the custom shaped bars that are extruded to their precise measurements and requirements.

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