Copper Extrusions

At Hoyt, we are all about vertical integration for our supply chain. We provide in-house production of copper-based extruded shapes for many industrial applications. We’re able to hold our place as one of the leading copper extrusion suppliers in the US by starting from the ground up. Hoyt is the only North American producer of electrical contact assemblies to operate our own extrusion mill in Central Pennsylvania. This service is made possible by our high-powered copper bar mill that incorporates a 900-ton Loewy hydraulic extrusion press. This is a complete system that includes a high-speed induction billet heater, a shuttle press capable of automatic bar pointing, and a standing wave in-line water-cooling system to reduce copper oxide formation during the extrusion process. The process is finished on our 45-foot cold draw bench, which allows us to reduce the extrusion to its finished size with a high degree of precision, repeatability, and hardness. The reliability of our extruded copper shapes is instrumental in securing our reputation as one of the nation’s finest custom copper extrusion manufacturers.

With these resources, we specialize in the production of small lot, specialty shaped extrusions from C11000 electrolytic tough pitch (ETP) copper and can provide our customers with a range of options from full bar lengths, precision cut lengths, or fully machined products ready for assembly. All work takes place in a controlled setting and is highly automated, highly accurate, and capable of fast cycle times.

Our vertically integrated philosophy for electrical contact manufacturing production ensures we have total control over quality, cost, and schedule, and can offer a level of value that is unmatched in the industry.

When you’re in the market for copper extrusion manufacturing and copper extrusion suppliers, let Hoyt be your trusted partner. As a leading American supplier operating our own mill, we assure our clients that we’ll offer them nothing but the best workmanship with exceptional lead times. We also offer emergency and rush services! Discover why we’re the best and call us at 800-255-4698 today!


Extrusion Process

Hot Extruded, Cold Drawn Copper Bar


Max: 3.9” Sq. Inch Total Area, 4.5” Max Width

Materials (Metals)

C11000 ETP Copper (Other Alloys Available on Demand)

Extrusion Product

Component Parts
Contact Substrates

Extrusion Product Form

Specialty Profiles and Shapes

Additional Services Provided

Saw Cutting

Equipment List

900 Ton Loewy Hydraulic Press
45 Foot Conventional Cold Draw Bench
Wagner Automatic Cutoff Saws
Conventional & CNC Machining

Lead Times

Calendar 6-10 Weeks
6-10 weeks
Quoted on Job by Job Basis
Quoted on job-by-job basis
Emergency Services Available
Emergency services available
Rush Services Available
Rush services available

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