Capabilities & Services

Hoyt is considered “the source” for the design, engineering, prototype and manufacturing of electrical contact tips, contact assemblies, electrical shunts and industrial heat sinks for industrial motor controls, diesel-electric locomotives, light rail, mass transit, mining and material handling equipment and controls.

Product Development – When the need arises, Hoyt will serve as a silent partner in the product development process. Because of our facilities, equipment, and expertise, Hoyt can provide valuable assistance in the design, engineering and prototype construction of electrical contacts and assemblies. This is a relatively unique benefit from a supplier; and, for a trim, downsized OEM, it is an important value-added dimension.

Design Support – A fully-staffed and experience design department, equipped with the latest CAD systems, is available for customer projects. In addition to the cost efficiency and convenience of such a service, product design will actually begin with a head start. It is readily understandable when the wealth of knowledge, accumulated over our 65 years of specialization, is brought to bear on a project.

Engineering Support – Interfacing with design are Hoyt’s engineering and manufacturing groups. During product development, they have input from the beginning to anticipate and avert most production and application problems. This results in significant savings. Concurrently, manufacturing processes are also developed, which improve product quality and cut lead time by as much as 50 to 75%.

Prototype Construction – Critical to product development is the opportunity to evaluate product prototypes. Hoyt has sophisticated CNC and EDM machinery that can reproduce design shapes to within .001″ accuracy. Our materials department will meet specs exactly. And many times we will suggest alternatives, based on our depth of experience, to improve product performance. Prototype construction is scarce among suppliers and is one of the differentiating factors that make Hoyt unique.

Manufacturing – Hoyt is a fully-equipped, modern manufacturing facility with experienced, highly-skilled personnel at all levels. Outsourcing to a company such as Hoyt offers major benefits for OEMs. By specializing in the development and manufacture of electrical contacts and assemblies, significant cost savings, superior quality and shorter lead times can reasonably be expected.

Hoyt is also unique in that short-to-medium size runs are highly cost efficient for us. Such quantities are impractical for most OEMs but fit perfectly into our production cycles.

Hoyt maintained ISO 9000 Certification from 1994 to 2006.  Hoyt still operates under the principals of ISO 9000 but has made the decision to no longer remain in the certification program.


Assembly Process Performed

Our Method of Production Includes:

  • Press/sinter/infiltrate process
  • Press/sinter/repress style of production for refractory metals and wrought materials for the semi-refractory and noble metals.

Fabricated Products

  • Precious metal contacts tips
  • Machined ferrous and non-ferrous components
  • Hot extruded, cold-drawn copper shaped bars
  • Value-added contact assemblies


  • Power transmission & distribution
  • Low/medium voltage
  • Electric & diesel-electric transportation
  • AC & DC motor control
  • Household appliances
  • Material handling
  • Rail signaling

Production Volume

  • Prototypes
  • Short run & high volume
  • Blanket order releases
  • Kanban
  • Consignment accounts
  • 100% stocking availability for emergency service
  • Lead times available: 6-10 weeks
  • Quoted on job-by-Job basis

Lead Times

Calendar 6-10 Weeks
6-10 weeks
Quoted on Job by Job Basis
Quoted on job-by-job basis
Emergency Services Available
Emergency services available
Rush Services Available
Rush services available

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