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A Prime Manufacturing Source of Quality Electrical Contacts and Contact Assemblies

For over 65 years, Hoyt has been a prime manufacturing source of quality electrical contacts, and contact assemblies for both the Electrical Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) market as well as the replacement aftermarket supplying rebuilding and service shops around the world.

Hoyt manufactures a vast array of both standard and custom designed electrical parts. Our skilled technical staff provides customers with value-added engineering, whereby, products can be duplicated exactly or redesigned and engineered for improved economy and performance.


  • Rail Transportation Market – Includes production of new parts and equipment for OEM diesel locomotives, transit trains, LRV and Historical Trolley’s as well as a full line of aftermarket replacement items. Also serviced by this market segment is our mining products used in both above and below ground mining efforts.
  • Power Utility Market – Includes OEM production for low to medium voltage electrical switchgear products, and includes full contact assembly and complete switch production. Included in this market segment is our line of “AGALOY” refractory and semi-refractory metal contact materials and “THERMASINK” refractory heat sink products.
  • Industrial Motor Controls Market – Includes contacts for OEM motor control products as well as our line of aftermarket Hoyt brand replacement contact kits. This segment services the HVAC, elevator, material handling, motor control, lighting and industrial application markets.
  • Government Sales Market – Includes government graded and approved contacts for both OEM production as well as repair and replacement parts for military, marine, nuclear and aerospace applications.

Sales and Distribution

Hoyt uses traditional sales and distribution channels relative to the markets being served, which includes: direct sales force, wholesale stocking depots, jobbers, rebuilders, service centers and distributors, and manufacture representatives.

Order Size Is Never a Problem

Orders from 100 to over 1,000,000 are welcome at Hoyt. We specialize in low volume and short-run production. We rely on modern quick change set-up devices and universal tooling designs to support the wide range of production requirements needed on a monthly basis.

Custom Parts

For unusual, discontinued or prototype production, Hoyt maintains a separate model shop area to offer our customers the advantage of speed in an emergency situation as well as an ability to test new ideas without the hassles of high tooling costs and long lead-times.

Stocking Depots

Hoyt maintains a network of stocking distribution warehouses across North America for sales of its aftermarket motor control contact kits. These off-the-shelf frequently used parts are available for immediate delivery. This supports Hoyt’s strategy for maintaining the largest inventory of replacement contact kits in North America and offers our customers our unique 100% stocking guarantee. For a complete listing of our stocking depots please visit the “Contact Kits” section of this site.


Hoyt was established in 1922 by Walter Hoyt, as a service shop specializing in making carbon brushes primarily for the elevator repair shops in New York City. In 1955, the firm was sold to its current ownership, and the market was expanded to include supplying copper contacts and other related electrical parts for elevators and other industries.

This effort met with success, and in 1961 Hoyt acquired Copper Contacts Specialties, Inc. and Hoyt moved from their NYC location to the larger plant in Carlstadt, NJ. In 1968 a second plant was soon opened in nearby East Rutherford, NJ, in order to meet increased customer needs. In 1976 Hoyt acquired the Seager Carbon Company in New York City.

Greater expansion requirements in 1981 necessitated a consolidation of all operations to a larger and more modern facility in Englewood, NJ. Hoyt powder metallurgical department was established at this time to manufacture refractory and semi-refractory metal contacts.

During this period the carbon brush portion of the business was sold and the elevator parts business was discontinued in order to concentrate our efforts on the silver and copper based electrical contact business. In 1999 Hoyt invested in their capabilities by acquiring Birdsboro Extrusions, a copper extrusion plant to support our growing need for high quality, low cost, copper shaped bars for use in Hoyt’s electrical contact product line.


Lead Times

6-10 weeks
Quoted on job-by-job basis
Emergency services available
Rush services available

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