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With almost a century of industry experience, at Hoyt Corporation manufacturing electrical contact assemblies is our primary strength. We produce finished contact assemblies made chiefly from high-density refractory metal compositions of silver or copper blended with tungsten or molybdenum, as well as materials in silver nickel and silver graphite.

Our semi-refractory alloys include silver cadmium oxide or silver tin oxide for high arcing applications and can be produced via powder metallurgy, internal oxidation, or single side directionally oxidized processes. For low voltage, dry circuit applications, compositions of gold alloys, pure silver alloys, and palladium materials are also available.

Our principal manufacturing process for high-density materials is the preferred press/sinter/infiltrate method, as well as applications utilizing the press/sinter/re-press method of production. Our semi-refractory and noble metals are produced via wrought processes, with fine silver or unoxidized layers for attachment.

As acknowledged industry leaders in the manufacturing of silver electrical contacts, refractory metal electrical contact materials and assemblies, Hoyt Corporation can produce small or large quantities depending on the needs of the application.

We specialize in manufacturing for contacts for low- to medium-voltage applications for the power transmission and distribution markets, AC and DC motor control and propulsion, industrial crane control, material handling, and power relay markets.

Hoyt is also recognized as the leading producer of electric propulsion and controls in North America to the diesel-electric vehicle, mass transit/subway trains, light rail vehicles, and electric trolley systems servicing both direct-to-OEM markets and to public transit agencies.

We are a top provider to OEM companies across the globe and possess complete integrated manufacturing capabilities that include the value-added processes of stamping, brazing, machining, and copper extrusion, and support all PPAP requirements. Companies around the globe that require precious metal electrical contacts or brazed contact assemblies know they have a partner in the Hoyt Corporation. Our ability to meet our customer’s needs for both new production and/or replacement contacts to keep their industries running at peak efficiency is the cornerstone of our reputation.

As a leading authority in electrical contact technologies, including contact tips, our multidisciplinary team ensures that our electrical contact assemblies deliver the highest value and industry-leading performance and reliability.


Assembly Process Performed

Our Method of Production Includes :
Press / Sinter / Infiltrate Process and Press / Sinter / Re-Press Style of Production for Refractory Metals, and Wrought Materials for the Semi-Refractory and Noble Metals


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6-10 Weeks
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Quoted on Job by Job Basis
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