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At Hoyt, we are a progressive company in the field of precious metal electrical contact technologies. Since our founding more than 75 years ago, we have been at the forefront of industry dynamics to attain a leadership position. We continually invest in the newest production equipment and have expanded our operations to provide the highest-quality products and services to our customers through vertical integration in our supply chain.

We specialize in low-to-medium voltage applications, and we operate two large modern facilities with versatile production capabilities. We have the resources to accommodate high-volume programs as well as small lot production with prototyping capabilities. With our qualified staff and wealth of accumulated knowledge, we manufacture electrical contact assemblies that will surpass your expectations for performance, durability, price, and delivery.

Our primary strength is our in-house production of refractory metal contact materials using the press/sinter/infiltrate and/or the press/sinter/repress methods for the manufacturing of precious metal electrical contacts and contact assemblies, including those used in contactors of all sizes, switchgear, circuit breakers, load tap changers for voltage regulators, automatic reclosers, automatic transfer switches, and many other low- to medium-voltage applications. We operate by lean manufacturing principles and offer many value-added services including design engineering, stocking programs, and JIT consignment. Our products can be found at work in applications such as GE and EMD diesel-electric locomotives, light rail vehicles, mass transit, trackside rail signals, mining vehicles, GE contactors for oil and gas extraction as well as power transmission and distribution industries.

Let’s start a new project together. Our team of engineers and powder metal contacts experts are ready to partner with your company to deliver only the best in refractory metal contact materials. Hoyt is an industry leader, and we’re here to attend to your every need. With fast turnaround times and rush services available, you can count on us. Contact us today at 800-255-4698.

Industry Capabilities


Low / Medium Voltage

Additional Services

Stocking Programs
JIT Consignment Programs
Kanban Orders & Blanket Orders Release Contracts
100% Emergency Stocking Programs

Production Volume

Prototype Manufacturing
Short Lead-Time Production
Small Lot Production
Blanket Order Release Contracts

Industries Served

OEM Power Transmission & Distribution
OEM Rail Signaling
NEMA & IEC Motor Controls
OEM Rail, Transit & Mining, Including:
Electric Vehicle Propulsion
Control Contacts for
Diesel Electric Locomotives
Electric Mining Vehicles
Electric Mass Transit Vehicles
Light Rail Electric Vehicles & Trolleys

Lead Times

6-10 weeks
Quoted on job-by-job basis
Emergency services available
Rush services available

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