Manufacturing Processes

CNC Machining

CNC Machining Systems

At Hoyt, we operate a vertically integrated CNC machining department specifically geared for the unique requirements of manufacturing electrical contact assemblies. We have made significant investments in equipment and expert technical capabilities for two decades to better equip ourselves to accommodate challenging OEM applications. Our machining resources are diverse and form the backbone of our manufacturing capability, providing the flexibility to support everything from prototypes for development initiatives to high volume manufacturing operations.

Along with our unique 4-axis vertical CNC machining systems, our equipment lineup includes standard 3-axis VMC’s, single-spindle NC controlled milling machines, all configured with automated palletized loading fixtures, Swiss NC turning centers, conventional CNC lathes, and 3-axis CNC turning with milling capabilities, using both manual and automatic bar feeds.

Our vertical integration approach marries our copper bar extrusion plant in Pennsylvania with our series of automatic cut-off saws and finishing equipment to reduce lead time and development costs. By leveraging our equipment at its peak efficiency, we manufacture dimensionally precise designs from an extensive range of metals. We structure every aspect of our CNC machining process to maximize product quality and deliver the ultimate level of accuracy and repeatability in the shortest lead times possible.

Our CNC machining processes are supported by an engineering group that possesses years of experience in the design and manufacturing products for the rail transportation, power utility, industrial motor controls, and government markets for both AC and DC devices. With our accumulated knowledge and manufacturing intelligence, our CNC machining capabilities provide a valuable resource that greatly enhances the level of value that we can offer our customers.



Brazing Equipment

As a leading supplier of electrical contacts and contact assemblies, Hoyt has invested heavily in the most modern types of brazing equipment, including continuous belt oven brazing in a reducing atmosphere, as well as, induction, resistance, and torch brazing. Our success as a manufacturer is built on our ability to produce world-class products. Over the years we have found that the only way to maintain these high standards is to have all of the resources required in-house.

The diversity of our capabilities allows us to handle everything from flat surface applications to assemblies with complex geometries. We braze using a wide variety of high-temperature silver bearing braze alloys, along with non-silver and low-temperature soft solders for attachment to ferrous and non-ferrous substrates.

Additional attachments methods can be produced through electric spot welding and orbital riveting techniques. These process options combined with the experience and expertise of our staff ensure that our finished contact assemblies will provide robust performance and an extended service life.

Our commitment to quality and dedication to providing the best products possible has allowed us to work with demanding industries such as rail transportation, power utility, industrial motor controls, electric vehicle, telecom, and many others.


Metal Stamping

Metal Stamping

In support of our contact assembly manufacturing operations, at Hoyt we operate a number of advanced stamping and coining presses that give us an elevated level of control over production and product quality. Through a combination of low-cost universal blanking and bending die sets, progressive die sets and secondary coining dies we produce high-quality products for an extensive range of electrical applications. Our stamping department is equipped with a 400-ton hydraulic coining press, standard c-frame gap presses from 18 to 125 tons, and autocoining presses to 45 tons, all of which are supported by our in-house die shop with wire and ram EDM capabilities.

As a lean enterprise, our culture is built on methodologies and practices that are designed to enhance productivity and quality. Our stamping capabilities epitomize how a lean operation should function, and allows us to achieve a superior level of flexibility and repeatability. This is augmented by a staff of industry professionals who possess years of experience working with an extensive selection of current-carrying metal alloys. From simple to complex shapes, we produce metal stamped parts that can meet the most challenging tolerance requirements and provide superior performance.



Assembly Process Performed

Our Method of Production Includes:

  • Press/sinter/infiltrate process
  • Press/sinter/repress style of production for refractory metals and wrought materials for the semi-refractory and noble metals.

Fabricated Products

  • Precious metal contacts tips
  • Machined ferrous and non-ferrous components
  • Hot extruded, cold-drawn copper shaped bars
  • Value-added contact assemblies


  • Power transmission & distribution
  • Low/medium voltage
  • Electric & diesel-electric transportation
  • AC & DC motor control
  • Household appliances
  • Material handling
  • Rail signaling

Production Volume

  • Prototypes
  • Short run & high volume
  • Blanket order releases
  • Kanban
  • Consignment accounts
  • 100% stocking availability for emergency service
  • Lead times available: 6-10 weeks
  • Quoted on job-by-Job basis

Lead Times

6-10 weeks
Quoted on job-by-job basis
Emergency services available
Rush services available

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