Standard Electrical Contacts

EMD, GE, Westinghouse, Baldwin and Bombardier Replacement Electrical Contacts

We are a leading manufacturer of electrical contacts for diesel-electric locomotive onboard electrical systems, contactors and controls. Our electrical contacts provide superior quality, rugged construction, and reliable performance — well-suited for the expectations required across locomotive industries, from mass transit to mining. For total rebuilds, we also offer contact assembly kits that contain all required hardware, including shunts, springs, and fasteners.

Our standard contacts and contact assemblies are actively used by systems across the nation — from Massachusetts to Florida, and from New York to San Francisco. For over 25 years, we have been the largest independent manufacturer of contacts for the transit industry.

Whether you want to recreate antique parts for historic transit systems, are upgrading a modern light rail system, or are replacing parts in an aging diesel-electric locomotive, our standard contact manufacturing process offers low-volume ordering, cost containment, and high versatility. If you are looking to purchase small quantities or want piecemeal production, we are geared for small-to-medium-sized, highly efficient production runs at low costs.

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Motor Control Replacement Contact Kits

Are you looking for high-quality, low-cost replacement parts for electrical starters or contactors? Our replacement parts and kits — compatible with contacts from major manufacturers, like Allen Bradley, Arrow Hart, General Electric, Siemens-Allis, Struthers-Dunn, Ward Leonard, Westinghouse, and more — meet or exceed the manufacturers’ specifications.

We sell through our national network of specialized warehouses and offer rapid shipping.

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Press / Sinter / Infiltrate Process and Press / Sinter / Re-Press Style of Production for Refractory Metals, and Wrought Materials for the Semi-Refractory and Noble Metals

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