Process Support

Hoyt Corp. works on customer projects with a fully staffed and experienced design department, equipped with the latest CAD systems. The product design process begins with a head start accumulated from over 65 years of experience.

We also provide engineering support. Interfacing with design are Hoyt’s engineering and manufacturing groups. During the product development process, our engineers have input from the beginning to anticipate and avoid common production and application problems. This results in significant savings. At the same time, manufacturing processes are developed, which improve product quality and significantly reduce lead time.

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Assembly Process Performed

Our Method of Production Includes:
Press / Sinter / Infiltrate Process and Press / Sinter / Re-Press Style of Production for Refractory Metals, and Wrought Materials for the Semi-Refractory and Noble Metals

Fabricated Products

Precious Metal Contacts Tips
Machined Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Components
Hot Extruded, Cold-Drawn Copper Shaped Bars
Value-Added Contact Assemblies


Power Transmission & Distribution
Low / Medium Voltage
Electric & Diesel Electric Transportation
AC & DC Motor Control
Household Appliances
Material Handling
Rail Signaling

Production Volume

Short Run
High Volume
Blanket Order Releases
Consignment Accounts
100% Stocking Availability for Emergency Service

Lead Times

Calendar 6-10 Weeks
6-10 Weeks
Quoted on Job by Job Basis
Quoted on Job by Job Basis
Emergency Services Available
Emergency Services Available
Rush Services Available
Rush Services Available

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